12 Ways to Overcome a Slow Computer


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12 Ways to Overcome a Slow Computer

Here are 12 Ways to Overcome a Slow Computer.
1.        To find out why the computer works slowly, then we need to know the programs that use large memory. How to find out is by using the Task Manager. Here can be seen applications that consume a lot of memory. Please click on the application, and then click end process. End process programs that are not used.
2.        Maybe your computer spyware virus. Clean the disk with the latest antivirus. Use antivirus both local and non-local. A local antivirus, you can use SmadAV or PCMAV, for a non-local, you can use Avira or Avast or BitDefender.
3.        Disable Start-Up Application. Start-Up Application is a program that runs automatically when you start Windows. How to disable aktifkanya as follows.

I. Then delete all the icons in the Start-Up folder.

There are many other start-up programs that may not be detected in the Startup folder. To disable these programs, can use a program called 'Whats Running'. How to use it as follows.

4.        For windows 7.

In the tab 'Visual Effects', select 'Adjust for best performance'. Or in a list at the bottom, please uncheck the visual display is not required. Because the more you dicheck, the more the memory should be used.

5.        Try using the program 'TuneUp Utilities'. This program can solve the problem of the cause of a slow computer (including use solutions I-IV). Enable Turbo Mode for your computer to work faster.
6.        Try using a program called CCleaner. This program serves to delete data that is less necessary, it usually takes the computer's memory. Such as temporary files, un-used icons, registry problems, cache, cookies, etc.
7.        This time, try doing 'Disk Defragment'. Then defragment your hard drive
8.        Delete the files in the prefetch folder.
9.        There may be residual files to uninstall programs. Because not all uninstall remove files that should go removed.
10.     Use alternative programs to replace heavy programs. For example:
1. Microsoft Office replaced with OpenOffice
2. Internet Explorer is replaced by googlechrome
3. Replaced Photoshop with GIMP
4. CorelDraw replaced with Inkscape
5. CounterStrike replaced by Spider Solitare
11.     If from all of the above alternatives have been done, but it is still too slow, please reinstall the Operating System on your computer.
12.     Please just add it to 4GB RAM.

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